Who Am I?

I'm a Brit living in France since 1989, a French tax-paying, locally working resident. Previously married to a Frog, I'm now divorced and still here, near sunny Montpellier surrounded by beautiful pine woods.

I have two boys (b 1996 and 2001) and a cat, Ulysse who picked me out at the local animal rescue centre to be his owner.

In the past, I've written educational resources and books for children with Bongo LLP. I've worked on resources for The Royal Albert Hall, Teenage Cancer Trust and Webplay and written two stories for children, (see here on Amazon): 'Floppy the Monster is Nearly Lost Forever' and 'Slim the Ogre'.

I have also completed an online philosophy resource for kids on Edmodo which was written in conjunction with a Sorbonne professor of philosophy, Michel Puech (author of the series for children and young people: 'Les Gouters Philo' and 'Philosopher').

I used to contribute regularly to a local magazine about life in Languedoc: BBBMidi.

More recently, I've started learning to code. My first efforts were in Python, the 'easiest' coding language, and I've since progressed to C sharp. It's definitely keeping the old grey cells on their toes.

Apart from writing, and battling my bewildered brain while coding, I've discovered a new hobby since meeting my dearly beloved - being a motorbike passenger. He has a lovely big, comfy BMW GS1200 on which we ride locally, further afield, and abroad. I haven't taken the motorbike test as I'm happy to leave the responsibility of driving to him while I sit and watch the world go by, dream, and think about dinner.

Which brings me to food and my love of eating good tasty food, my loathing of industrial crap, and dedication to cooking proper meals for the boys and me... most of the time... Since my DB is mostly a vegetarian I've also branched out into cooking meat-free meals.

We enjoy life.