Friday, November 25, 2005

Boring drunks

Yesterday, a Swansea court concluded that a woman who could not remember if she had consented to sex or not could not accuse the security guard who had had sex with her of rape.

I really hope that one day people are going to wake up to the idea that drinking yourself unconscious is a really stupid, dangerous thing to do. We have all been young, but how many of us 20years ago drank ourselves unconscious? I certainly never did - to start with I couldn't afford it, and I never wished to get into such a precarious state.

Such cases would never reach court if women and men exerted some semblance of self-control and took responsibility for their actions. Am I the only one who is totally shocked by images of unconscious, drunk young people sprawled on park benches, at the mercy of any ill-intentioned person who comes along? It would never have occured to me to get to that state through drink. It's foolhardy beyond belief as we live in a society which has dangerous elements - rapists and muggers to name but two.

Drunks destroy town centres with their anti-social behaviour and whilst they may believe they are the coolest, funniest people around, they are the only ones as it is really very boring for everyone else to see.

Alcohol should be seen as an enhancement to a night out, not the reason for the night out. Come on folks, you can have fun without ending the evening comatose, and not sure if you had sex willingly or not. How much of a disgrace is that?


  1. I don't drink..but even a blind person can see the culture of binge drinking is asking for trouble..I heard it's started increasing in France as well..?

  2. I think young people are drinking differently in France now than they did. I saw a programme on alcoholism in France the other day. Apparently it is on the increase to the point that television debates and documentaries reveal the extent in full. Worrying stuff.

  3. I'm afraid that I did drank myself into oblivion on numerous occasions in my youth. I'm currently 46 and don't do that kind of thing anymore. But kids do. That's how it is. Thankfully most of us recover from the excess of youth without too many problems and become nice people. Maybe the law should err on the side of the young drunk and prosecute the person taking advantage. Because that is what they are doing. Taking advantage. Don't have sex with drunks because if you do you are having sex with someone incapable of making a proper decision and maybe that decision is NO.


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