Sunday, November 20, 2005

Exercise ambivalence

Exercising is one of those things I both like and hate. I hate the feeling of sluggishness from not exercising and yet actually getting round to exercising takes such enormous effort.

This afternoon I took the boys to the park - a large children's playground. It was warm and sunny on this crisp afternoon and the place was packed. From where we now live we could cycle there along cycle tracks and river paths. It would be a pleasant ride and not particularly strenuous apart from the distance of roughly 3 miles. I suggested to my eldest that we could come by bike sometime and was met with a dampening 'no, not likely.' We may do it yet if I chivvy him along sufficently.

I watched the boys jump about, swing on a trapeze, zoom down slides backwards, forwards and setting a example that very small children wanted to follow and had to be restrained by parents who could see their tiny darlings launching themselves onto the slide backwards and knocking themselves out at the bottom...

In short, the boys worked off a lot of energy and I stood and watched and got colder. This left me feeling distinctly Sunday afternoonish - that bored, dumpy feeling you get when you don't seem to be stimulating any part of you, and you can end up grumpy and wound up. Action was needed, so when we got home, I did not dash to the kettle and make myself a much-desired cuppa, but got out my skipping rope (with counter...) and slunk outside managing to stop Ulysse slipping out with me, and set to skipping. The counter says 135 but I'm not sure what it started at... still I did quite a lot and got my heart beating at a satisfying pace. The boys got their skipping rope and also did a stint, then brought out the space hoppers and bounced around the garden, bumping into each other.

I followed up my aerobics (!) with some stretches and pecs exercises so I do feel the better for my efforts - that sort of blown away the cobwebs feeling which is soooo agreeable.

It's now time for a cuppa and piece of carrot cake. As the French so typically say 'Après l'effort, le reconfort'!


  1. I suppose only human beings can convince themselves that a bit of exercise can lead to a lot of loss of weight :p..I am a wee bit younger but I know the feeling you describe..its one where your whole body shouts at you to do something..something that will make your life relevant lol..

  2. It's not for loss of weight that I need to exercise, but to stop my joints seizing up with inactivity. I do get that twitchy feeling when my body needs to get moving - I know what you mean, Zak. It's the old problem of making time and effort to do it. Effort just takes so much... well... effort lol!


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