Friday, November 04, 2005


My latest progress reminds me a word game where you have a bunch of words and you have to shake them up, throw them down and see if you can make a sentence in the order the words appear.

A few weeks ago, I decided to change the way John and Eleanor seduced each other as they had been pretty quick about it, and I wanted to string it out a bit. So now, having done that, what follows is all topsy turvy so I've been cutting and pasting like mad taking paragraphs from way ahead and sticking them in a new order so the timing of what happens makes sense.

It's most confusing, I must say. I keep having to take a break as it gets annoying. Still, progress is being made! I probably won't be able to do much more, for the next week as I have my mother staying, so I'll have to store up ideas and let them rattle around in my head.

This is not a bad technique in fact, as I find when I do get back down to writing, it does all flow out pretty smoothly. Sometimes I feel I should have one of those dictaphone things so that when I am inspired at 3am I can just mumble it down, as those ideas generally get lost by the morning.

The Red House has another fan in my mother. She thinks it's lovely, cosy and finished! The finished bit is especially relevant seeing as our previous house was one we built and never finished before it got sold due to the divorce. It's wonderful living in a finished house!! The only thing lacking is a cat, and this will be rectified this weekend when we go to the SPA to get a rescued cat. The boys are very excited. My eldest has suggested getting one each. I think not!

More anon, with news of our latest member of the family.

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