Sunday, December 11, 2005

Book Update

I haven't mentioned my book for a while, have I? Well, that does not mean, of course, that I'm not still at it, because I am, but that I had not much to report.

What I'm doing at the moment, having added a whole section where the two main characters meet and what comes after, is to modify what happens in the following section because a lot of it no longer applies, or has to rewritten because it was a load of crap.

This is a pretty tiresome business, but I set myself targets where I have to rewrite just a little section - as small as a paragraph - and then I can put it away feeling that I've achieved something. This is all done at the end of the day, too, when I feel pretty tired which is also why it takes so long. Cranking the old brain up is tough work.

I'm hoping I can finish it next year. I started it in October 2003 so it's been around me for some time already!


  1. Whats the book about?

  2. I write about it further down, in a blog entitled 'What's it all about?' or something. It's basically a love story, a novel, and not a guy thing at all. :)


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