Thursday, March 09, 2006

Make millions FREE!!! Sort of...

You remember those hilarious emails from Nigeria offering a good share of pilfered millions belonging to some dead guy? Well, here is the same thing, slightly more sophisticated, but not much, and affording a good laugh. From Czechoslovakia...

James Brown []
Holbrook House
Great Queen St,
Compliment of the day,
I am Barr.James Brown from London,the attorney to late Mr.Mike Matsushita,A Vietnamese-American,I got your contact while i was conducting a research through the internet.
I am writing following an oppurtunity in my office that will be of imense benefit to both of us,I supposed to have carried this out before now,but i had an accident that kept me hospitalised for months.But i thank God i am in good health and very strong for this transaction now.
My client (late Mr.Mike Matsushita) who unfortunately lost his life in the London July 7 bomb blast which claimed fifty two lives and left hundreds injured, deposited the sum of {Twenty Eight million US,dollars},in National Westminster Bank London.
Unfortunately my client died intestate so leaving nobody else with the knowledge of this fund behind for the claim. It is therefore upon this discovery that I and my colleague (an accountant with the bank) decided to make business with you and release the funds to you as the next of kin or beneficiary of this funds for safe keeping and subsequent disbursement since nobody will come for it and we don't want this funds to go back into Government treasury as unclaimed bill.
The banking law and guidelines here stipulate that such funds should be transferred into banking treasury as unclaimed funds.
We agreed that 30% of this funds will be for you as foreign partner,and 10% will go to the orphanage while the balance will be for me and my colleague.
I will visit your country for the disbursement according to the percentages indicated above, once this money gets into your account.
Please be honest to me and trust is our watch word in this transaction.
Nevertheless,this transaction is confidential and 100% risk free.
If you are ready to work with us please forward to me the required information below.
(1) Complete name and home address
(2) Your age,occupation, direct phone number and fax number
Once i recieve this necessary requested informations, I will initiate the processing of the transfer and in about seven to nine banking days the money will be in your nominated bank account for us to share accordingly.
This transaction is guaranteed to succeed without any problem. If you agree to assist me by sending to me the above requested informations, I will give you my complete details, including phone/ fax etc and any further clarifications you may require.
We will discuss much in details when I do recieve your response
Best regards,
Barr.James Brown
--------------------------------------- - co ženy zajímá

I love the reference to James' accident (oh my heart strings), the orphanage, the July 7 bombings, poor spelling, dreadful grammar and 'Compliment of the day' introduction. It might just as well be 'A top of the mornin' to yer'...

If anyone falls for that they deserve everything that's coming to them!

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