Thursday, April 27, 2006

Childless pursuits

In that happy state of being a mother without her children for a week - definitely one of the better advantages to being divorced - one is able to consider such wildly unkid-friendly pursuits such as a book launch. I am all of a tither at the prospect of attending an adult event in the centre of Montpellier.

Quite by chance I got an email at work today from Peter Schafer from the British Cultural Association telling me about Christopher Campbell-Howes who is an author living in Languedoc Roussillon and has written a book about his life here. The event is being held at the Hôtel de Sully - Maison des relations internationales de Montpellier at 6.30pm. There are nibbles and drinkies and it's all free, but if you want him to sign a book you'll have to buy one and bring it along. I've never heard of him but who cares, it's all in English and gives me a chance to pretend I'm in with the literary crowd.

I'm hoping to attend a concert one of these days too. Talk about living on the edge...


  1. And did you go along? No need to pretend, surely? Did you get to meet the great man?

    Great concert, incidentally, June 9th, 9.00pm, in the church at Olargues. Full details if you google Nonsense, of course it's not too far from St Clément!

  2. Hm . . . that should read

    *shouldn't have had that fourth glass*

  3. Okay, see above... did go, enjoyed it, ordered a book, left early, didn't induce narcolepsy...


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