Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wanted : Mummy

I'm at home today after collapsing with exhaustion last night, unable even, to get my son to do his violin practice. I think I ate something dodgy too, but the result is, today, I've just got up, driven by hunger, to eat a bowl of bran flakes and raisins. I need a mummy at this moment, to make me a delicious chicken broth full of goodness to build me up again. Alas and alack, I am the only mummy around here, but at least I can be ill in peace.

I started the day with the school run then rushed home to fall back into bed and doze to Radio 4. Ulysse was conspicuous by his absence, the rat. One good thing about being a working mother - the kids are either in day care or school, so when you are ill, they are not around. It's a valuable pro.

Okay, that's me done in. Back to bed...

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