Monday, August 07, 2006

Heaven by N°9 Bus

Let's face it, boys are vehicle freaks and the bigger the better. Our summer holidays afforded the boys many delights from climbing all over a tank at the Colchester Military Festival as well as a helicopter, to various trains: TGV, Eurostar, London C2C and of course the Underground. We also hopped on diminutive local buses which are Hopper types and red double deckers with automatic doors and a fine view from the top front window if you're lucky to get those prized seats.

Pootling around London one day, however, we were waiting for a bus outside Victoria, on our way to the Army Museum, and my youngest saw a topless Routemaster and cried out with joy. He begged me to go on one even if it was just a tourist bus, upon which my eldest told him scornfully that no way would we go on a tourist bus, not being tourists. I put the request in my mental pending file as there was nothing we could do about at that particular moment.

Another day, we went to see the Dinosaur exhibition at the Natural History Museum and do the Dino Dig which was a roaring success. They played at being archeologists in search of submerged dinosaur bones. It had just opened and was not full so we could dig peacefully without worrying about hoards of pushing, grabbing brats spoiling things...(as if they would...).

Earlier, when we had exited the subway, I had noted that the n°9 Routemaster bus went from South Kensington Station to Piccadilly, so after finishing at the Museum I suggested that we hop on a bus to Fortnum's, and that the n° 9 would take us door to door. This was met with yelps of joy, and we trotted happily to await our iron steed. It came swiftly and we jumped on and stormed upstairs. The front seats had been taken, but we sat just behind and enjoyed a colourful, busy trip along past Harrods, Hyde Park and on to Piccadilly. It was not a long ride, but I think my youngest will keep it as one of his precious memories from that holiday.

You can never be sure what kids will remember, but I think I can guess that he will not forget that day.


  1. Good job, Mum!

    As a boy myself, I can not imagine a better 24 hour period than one that combines BOTH dinosaurs and large vehicles (although at my chronological age, a nice Margaux would have been a nice addition).

  2. Ah John, I deduce you have been dallying on the Telegraph blogs...

    Actually I think the male of the species never grows out of a love of large vehicles. My brother came with us to the Festival and 'had' to accompany the boys onto the tank...just to make sure they were okay... yeah right!


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