Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ikea kicks

Round and round Ikea
De plus en plus perdu
One step, two step...
The EXIT! Thank God. Phew!

I've been doing the rounds in Ikea. Round and round and round and, where is that damned exit, anyway?! Eventually found it through Kidstuff, but got diverted via the café for a supper of herring bits and meatballs. Oh, I know how to live it up...!

I was after more bookshelves and one or two exciting bits, plus staking out the mezzanine beds for an imminent, adolescent (before anyone starts perking up about babes...!) addition to the household. I have tried to add a touch of elegant living to the Red House with atmospheric lamps - just a small start, but what with Ulysse and young boys, really, there's no point. It all just gets accidently broken, continually moved about, or so misplaced that I've given up. We'll just keep it simple from now on.

So, elegance being out, I went for useful herb shelves, a loo brush in red plastic and a long mirror. Woah, last of the big spenders eh?? Oh and one of those halogen light sets they have on wires, 3 for 9.90Eur - best bargain in the whole place. That's to light up my new painting, a stunning Rauscher-Kennedy which does a brilliant job enhancing the taste and classiness of my otherwise humble abode...

Made it out without bankrupting either myself or J, and realising that my Ikea card was completely useless. I thought it shaved 10% off the total. Huh, some hope! Needed a G&T to recover from all the excitement.

FYI, my herb pot shelves have cleared up a mucky corner beautifully.

Tonight they've forecast a tornado... so hold on to your hats!


  1. Hello dear:

    The tornado announced turned out to be a storm in a cup of tea...but of course going to Ikea is worse than any Langdocienne tempest! I only went once...then fled.

    Glad you managed to get some things, and get out of there safely (we might just not ever have found you again for months...the whole thing is designed to trap unwary customers so they must buy...or die)

    I used to go to Alinea a lot, and Casa too, or even Fly which has surprisingly prestty and well designed things for two sous.

    Having a terrible time sorting nonsense out this morning, but have the clever C2M man this afternoon, so will start by trying to get my Web Site available to all those nice folks who visit your blog.

    I'm going to have to stop this blogging...its worse than "horse" or "chit" or even gin.....once you're're done!


  2. rAIN RAIN COME DOWN AGAIN! As a resident I'm loving the cold pool water - but then I go there so early that the outside temperature is the same as the water...and there is only me swimming (or gyming), nobody else beeing nuttier enough to get into the freesing blue water! Actually it revives me somewhat.

    Another nice think for we locals when it's colder in the seawater is that the happy tourists keep out of the way till midday and give us back our lovely beaches without transistors, dirty papers, crapping rottweillers and all and all.


  3. Yes, a public website is a must for anyone trying to sell something!!! Go C2M guy!


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