Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bugged Up

I'm home ill today. Hot flushes, no voice, slept 'til 11am. A bug is going around apparently. It's certainly going around me.

Still, when I came to just before lunch I took The River Cottage Year book off the shelf and started riffling through the recipes which are based on seasonal produce - my pet project at the moment. If it doesn't come from France, it doesn't make it into my supermarket trolley. I'm assuming, of course, that if it's grown here, it's seasonal which is a fair assumption to make, innit? Actually, I'm hoping to get one of those nifty veggie boxes when I finally get my act together, and then prepare for battle as my eldest rejects the lot.

Anyway, I got through Hugh's book, looked over Jamie Oliver's Happy Days with the Naked Chef and finally settled on The Bad Mother's Handbook for a good read. Nothing like being ill for having time to do useful things...

My youngest (5 1/2), home from school, finally made it up the stairs to see his old, ill mum and listened sympathetically as I described my ailments. He then went to the loo and washed his hands, came back into the bedroom and asked me if I shouldn't have a bath to bring my temperature down. Awwwww. My heart melted there and then. What a thoughtful thing to suggest, at his age too! It's not as though he's had loads of fevers and has spent his life in the bath; in fact, I don't know he last had a fever. So for him to know that baths are used to bring down a temperature is pretty good going.

I'm so proud!

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