Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sporting times

This year I must play tennis.

I've just bought tennis rackets in bulk, signed up at the local tennis club, learned the name of the tennis coach and spent an eye-watering amount of money.

So, now I'm obliged to play. There's nothing like financial investment to concentrate the mind!

Today was the 'associations' day where all the local clubs get together in one place and make themselves available for registration and information. It's a great way to get moving at the beginning of the 'year'. The Maire considers every occasion a good one for an aperitif, and as we got there late, the aperitif was in full swing. This made the whole event even more pleasurable, although I think I left my cheque book at the tennis club. Was it the effect of quaffing 'muscat de Lunel' at the same time as signing on to play tennis?

I have been trying to enthuse my eldest with the idea of scouting. It would be a terrific experience for him and enable him to have adventures and share character-building activities with his peers and the young men who provide leadership. We are going on a scouting picnic tomorrow so he gets the feel of it. One of his pals from school is a scout, so the omens are good, especially as this lad seems to be a very nice boy, if you know what I mean!

My youngest is signed up for swimming lessons - vital in this part of the world where every other person has a swimming pool and the sea is 35 minutes away. So the boys will be able to be busy, and also have time to get bored (so important!).

I look forward to a more active year and cast off my couch potato tum!


  1. Sarah I think I will depress you a little - at 48 I was still seed 15/4!!!!I got the potato couch tummy when I STOPPED playing tennis - and the rest!

  2. I'm sure I'd be a lot more depressed if I had the slightest idea what that meant. As it is I am wallowing in blissful ignorance! :)

  3. Was that your letter in the Times last week ?

  4. It means I played a very mean game of tennis.......15/4 for a trosième age is good going! The seeding starts at 30 then goes all thru a long list of numbers, half n umbers and goodness what else toup to a negative - i.e. 0 and then goes on to -moins 15 etyc., etc., its very complicated.

    ps: you DON't have a potato couch tum at all. Very slim & chicos!

    pps: You're becoming famous for your Times publication!

  5. ppps: obviously your xriter's career is launched!!!!!!!


  6. Yes, Laban, that was my letter in the Times, although I hadn't sent it as a letter to the paper, but in response to an article online, hence the rather strange first sentence.


  7. For anyone who would like to read my letter to The Times, it's here:,,59-2344208.html

    (I've had requests...)


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