Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bye bye T, hi Salut!

The more eagle-eyed amongst my regular readers may have noticed that Colin Randall's blog link has changed.

Despite enjoying wide and enthusiastic popularity amongst his blog followers on The Telegraph, and the fact that he is a highly respected and serious journalist too (more importantly, in fact!), the Powers that Be at the Telegraph have decided to make him redundant.

In various cost-cutting measures, he and some other foreign journalists have been given the chop, which is more a demonstration (to partisan fans of Colin) of idiocy by the Telegraph bosses rather than sound economic policy. Still, there's no accounting for either taste or accountants and so Colin, Alec Russell (in Washington) and others are off to pastures new.

Colin wrote a valedictory blog in the T to say farewell to his minimal fly-be-night readers and au revoir to his many old faithfuls. We have all been trekking over to his new blog, which, for the moment looks very much like this one (what great taste he has...) and are waiting in hope for more of his anecdotes, words of wisdom, observations and reflections on the idiosyncracies of things French.

I certainly hope Colin quickly finds a more appreciative news agency, and am certain he'll be snapped up to the extent he may never get time to write much in his new blog. So, good luck Colin, and from what I have seen already, you'll find all your regular readers at Salut! who are champing at the bit to comment, argue, miss the point, change the subject and generally have a cosy blogging time as a result of your inspiration.

A plus, as they say over here...

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