Thursday, October 12, 2006

Music in the Air

I got out my viola this evening. I had a sudden urge to play it, so I did. A while ago, I bought a couple of music books with CD. This makes messing about on the viola a whole lot more fun.

To say I'm rusty is an understatement, but I have nothing to practice for, and no time to be part of an orchestra which usually demands regular attendance and weekend practices before a concert. It's quite restful just getting the instrument out, deciding to sight-read the music, and play along to the CD as best I can.

I was pretty crappy in places, but also surprised myself once or twice. Music is best shared, however, which is why I love playing with my son, and would love him to get better so we can really let rip. He may never get there, however, as he is already campaigning to give up the violin, the sooner the better, after coming back from the summer holidays saying he wanted to continue.

He maintains the violin is a girly instrument and I can cite the names of brilliant male violinists until I'm blue in the face, it makes no difference. He is the only boy in his violin entourage, ergo, the violin is a girly instrument. I've told him he has to continue to the end of the year. I've paid, he made the decision, alors il l'assume! All terribly character-building...

Last night my youngest and I were on the internet on a site where children can learn to read: Starfall. It's horribly American, so the accents are quite funny, and we had great fun exaggerating the phrases to say them in the strongest American accent we could. Despite the accents, it is a jolly site, has amusing animation, and seems to be a good learning tool. My youngest is in Mat 4; the last year of Maternelle, so is learning letters at school. I wanted to show him that you can learn to read in English too, and to introduce some sounds and word recognition. He seemed to enjoy it, so whilst I wouldn't labour the point, we will pop in there from time to time for some word play.

My eldest learned to read English all by himself, but then he did benefit from a year in the US when he was 2-3, and has a superb grasp of English already.

On the other hand, my youngest learned to ride a bike without stabilisers all by himself at the age of 3 1/5. At school!

I can't wait to see what they make of the piano. Delivery programmed for tomorrow. Watch this space!


  1. wHAT FUNNY AMERICAN SOUNDS....OR ACCENTS...........!!!!!!!


  2. "horribly American"
    --Ugh! I'll overlook that... ;)


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