Sunday, December 24, 2006

Warm and Fuzzy

I'm sitting here listening to The Brandenburg Concerto No 2 for two violins. The boys are not here, so I am able to do this unaccosted by complaints that they would prefer to play some ghastly game on the computer. I am trying to raise the tone of the house just for the Christmas weekend, and succeeding, actually.

The brandy butter is made and hardening in the fridge, the turkey is out defrosting, the mince pies are cooling and the Nine Lessons and Carols from King's College, Cambridge has been on Radio 4. It was lovely, as ever, although I wish they wouldn't have quite so many new tunes for carols and so much dissonance in new ones. Still, it was one of those marvellous moments of English tradition; the choir's voices soaring to the upper reaches of the vaulted roof, the quality and talent of the choristers, and the beauty of the music. Church music is one of the more inspiring elements of Christianity.

Tonight we are going to have a French Reveillon with NG who is preparing a super dinner, for which we are dressing appropriately as deems fit for the occasion. I've dug out my black velvet evening gown which I last wore... um... probably about ten years ago. Amazingly, it still fits, still looks good and is comfy to wear. Father Christmas is unlikely to leave a diamond necklace in my stocking, so it'll have to be du toc around my neck. Or pearls (cultivated).

My compter screen is becoming snowed up thanks to a little application sent to me by my son's violin teacher. It's really cool and very festive.

I love Christmas Eve. It's like the calm before the storm; a moment to appreciate how lovely the house looks, start eating the mince pies, admire the pressies around the Christmas tree for the last time in the subtle, gentle glow of tree lights and feel all Christmassy and special.

Happy Christmas everyone.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Sarah!

  2. Merry CrHistmas, Sarah & C°...... a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS; your were super in your velvet evening gown as was RA, & PG etait beau comme un camion! Long live festive supers on Christmas Eve...and full of fun lunch on Christmas Day.



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