Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Auto Dentistry

After a social lunch with much merriment, I was sitting at the almost cleared table this evening with the boys. They were talking about teeth because both have teeth which are causing them problems - milk teeth wiggling - and my eldest said he would like to attach his tooth to a car and have it pulled out.

The conversation went like this:
Youngest: Thomas a fait ca.
Me: Who's Thomas?
Y: A friend of mine at school.
Me: What, he tied his tooth to a car?
Y: Yes.
Eldest: More like to sa voiture telecommandee!

I thought this was very funny. (Please excuse the lack of accents, this is a qwerty keyboard).

Tomorrow we are to hit the sales in sunny Romford - shoes and trousers for the boys, mending the glasses of my youngest who accidentally knocked the arms out when he bashed his head with the ancient Tridias wooden rifle that used to belong to my brothers. I would link to the shop, but this is a Mac computer and the options for posting are severely limited (edited to add I've since downloaded Firefox and have lots more now! Still no accents though). Suffice it to say, we used to enjoy visiting it in Bath when we went to camp in Wookey Hole nearby.

It was brought out while we were watching 'Zulu' on the afternoon we arrived. He knew exactly where it had been put after the summer visit, and went straight to the right place. He observes things, does my youngest.

I'm just waiting for quantities of teeth to fall out now, requiring vast sums of tooth fairy financing. Although, come to think of it, £1 is actually a bargain seeing as it would be 2Eur if we were in France.

Excuse my while I go in search of string and car keys...


  1. If I still have that 20 000 euros or more toy whe you come home, I'm willing to tie string to it!


  2. La petite souris quite often 'forgot' to come to our house. I used to explain to my children that, while the English tooth fairy worked full-time, in France, la petite souris was on a 35-hour week so she couldn't be expected to work overtime, unfortunately.

    Not sure they fell for it though...

  3. Gigi: LOL you have obviously been in France a long time!


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