Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Which famous cat am I?

I am quite the sucker for silly quizzes and have to restrain myself from spending too much time on them, although I don't do ones such as 'Which B/C-Celebrity are you?'.
This quiz was found on BeepBeep's site, and as a cat fan, I couldn't resist. I have no idea who Hobbes is though!

Which famous feline are you?

You're Hobbes. First of all, the makers of this quiz would like to congratulate you. You have our seal of approval. You are kind, intelligent, loving, and good-humoredly practical. You're proud of who you are. At the same time, you're tolerant of those who lack your clearsightedness. You're always playful, but never annoying. For these traits, you are well-loved, and with good cause.
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  1. Since I now know you'll get my comment even when I respond to an old post I couldn't resist! You have boys and haven't found Hobbes? Highly recommended comic strip about small boy, Calvin, and his toy tiger Hobbes. It is laugh out loud funny. My husband, brothers and father as well as my 15 girl are all fans too. Try it on your boys as reading material!

  2. Thanks hausfrau, I'll look into it. :)


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