Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I'm not sure I'm going to have time to go to work for much longer. This will be somewhat problematical as I need to pay for the roof over my head, electricity needed to heat said house and run the car, as well as the usual stuff such as putting food on the table and gin in the glass.

Promo'Arts is becoming quite busy and as I am now the General Secretary I have lots more things to do. I'm sort of sneaking this blog post in, actually, as really I should be doing businesslike things such as posting photos on the PA blog which have previously been Photoshopped into ship-shape. Well, I exaggerate, but there are only 500 addresses to put into the database, letters to write and envelopes to prepare... all for our big 'do' on May 22 in aid of the League Against Cancer. Still, it keeps me off the streets.

What would be fantastic would be if PA could actually replace my paper-pushing job and finance my roof, car, electricity, gin and so on. I must say, it's way more fun, and I used to work in the art world years ago in London so it is almost like coming full circle. It must have been meant to be!

So in the last two days I've been photographing paintings by a charming local guy who does some excellent stuff; Bruno Rous. These painters don't seem to have either websites or digital cameras so we sometimes have to go sur place and do it for them. I've discovered a bit of a talent for photographing paintings which is, in fact, a bugger of a job. However, I can't exactly claim all the glory as I just point my camera and click. It seems to take a neat pic with true colours and, as my hand doesn't shake, nice and clear too. Maybe I should redefine myself as a photographer of paintings. Do you think that would keep the roof over my head, gin in the glass etc?

Hmm, I don't think I'll give up the day job yet...


  1. To photograph paintings is an impossible job, saith I, the expert.

    The very greatest painters of our time who have the very best people to do theirs get books where the photos don't do their work credit.

    Your photos of my work as of others is amazing good - really representative, perfect colors and all an all - so it can't just be your camera, mate!

    The photos yu have taken recently for me are the best I've seen for my work, and really represent perfectly nearly all the colors and "depth"....fascinating.

    So I think you definitely have a don!!!!

    Lucky me, you have a "don"....and I have you to take photos!!!

  2. I do the lottery every week in the hope that a windfall will come along and free me. English teaching's not going to do it for sure.
    Lucky you, though, finding such a fascinating and fulfilling activity that you've a talent for..

  3. I'm now wondering how I can label myself. Does it go by living, or inclination?

    I tried that one, Angela, and didn't win, so gave up. If you win, will you be one of our sponsors?? :D


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