Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fed up

Fed up with:

  • the weather - too windy, too cold, too irritating
  • campsites - closed until April at the earliest
  • computers - not my own and getting blamed for them not working
  • work - boring, and have to go every day
  • people - too many, too many demands
  • cat - nagging early calls
  • tasks - list is too long
  • having no dosh
  • feeling tired
  • having no time

Comments in the Telegraph this week include ones on how much I find Estuary English vile, cheers for Boris Johnson and his article on Lord Black's imminent come-uppance, no comment on Lila's blog about credit card abuse (as it doesn't apply to me, having no dosh), and so on. Telly blogs seem to have livened up somewhat since the days after ColinR-gate. Good thing too; they were deadly. The Times, blogs, on the other hand, seem to have died a death, except Charles Bremner's, or evoke no interest in me which is maybe the same thing.

I don't like the new look to the Times. The debate section is stagnant, you can't link to your own website when you do comment on an article, and comments take an age to appear - sometimes days. It's much less dynamic than the Telegraph.

Pleasant thing I did today: buy a little outfit for a baby girl, just born to a friend of mine. I went to a cute boutique, looked through all the options, took ages to choose, spent a fortune, loved every minute. I just have to find a moment now to take it to my friend.

I need a holiday.

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  1. It's time for me to win on the national lottery so that I may send the one's I love away from the wind (Bali for example), fill their accounts with dosh, let them spend their time doing exactly what they love, and be able to spoil them rotten.

    Spit in the eyes of those who rattle them is free, so I can do that,

    However whilst awaiting for this god sent miracle of the winning ticket I'll just give tea and sympathy - and add, that you do a super job at everything Sarah dear! And when once evokes time - can't help wondering where you find the time to do so much so well....even veggie gardens & compost heaps as well as the rest....gadzooks.


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