Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not so badly struck...

It seems I'm not skiving off after all, whatever anyone might say. The doc just wrote on my sick note 'bronchite aïgu'. So there! I feel very dramatic reading that. I mean, the 'aïgu' adds a whole world of severity to my condition! With a condition like that I could imagine being whisked away, prostrate in an ambulance, to be wired up and worried over in ER.
Cameron: "She's got a new symptom!"
House: "Write it on the board, Cameron."
Cameron writes 'Conjunctivitus' on the board.
House: *Sharp intake of breath* "Put her on 100ml of blahblahblahXYZ and 20g of morphine! This is getting nasty..."
So, to wile away the time, I've been reading the true story of a real tragedy, "Il était une joie" by Bernard Durand. I met him during the book launch and was deeply moved on hearing of the loss of his youngest son aged 17.

It's taken until now for me to get round to reading the book. It's not one that you'd pick up for a light-hearted 10-minute dip and I needed to be in a suitable frame of mind to attack it. Being fed up with my woolly head and general state of disrepair plus having the opportunity was the perfect set of circumstances.

I'm not that far through, but it makes sombre yet impressive reading. Here's a family; a good family with two parents, four lovely intelligent children, a loving, caring environment torn asunder by the untimely death of Jérémie. He was riding his scooter with his cousin one night when a 4x4 driven by a drunkard ran them down from behind. Despite all the scooter lights on, and safety helmets, the driver "didn't see them" and they had no chance, especially when another drunkard driving a 106 came up behind and dragged one of the bodies 100m down the road only stopping when it was too caught up to go further. The boys showed neither alcohol nor drugs in their blood.

They were decent lads; ones with a good future to look forward to, ones who knew how to love and be loved, who knew the meaning of responsibility, honour and integrity. Why is it that it's these boys who got mown down, and not some petty, mean-minded little voyou? It's something that really incenses me with this world. People talk about 'karma', but there are lots of bad people living perfectly happy bad lives causing havoc around them with their hate, but who go through life untouched by disaster.

Then you have children who would be the next set of the country's leaders; ones it so desperately needs, who have lead blameless lives full of joy until suddenly killed before they even have a chance to fulfil their potential. Leaving the Earth with an excess of the dross.

What a waste.


  1. What a waste, ma Sarah! What a waste when the salauds always get away scot free....causing havoc, destoying everything upon their route...chaos. But the only the good die young saith the poet.

    Now there is this old legend about comeuppance.....not sure, myself. Comeuppance, do they really get it?

    Between time, I marvel at the second chance you get when you have been mowed down, trodden underfoot, squased beyong belief...then suddenly for a silly thing like a visitng card under a screen wiper your whole like changes!!!!

    You find yourself with a whole family when yours were gone forever dead, buried and you forgotten,all of a sudden there are ED's, PG the Badger, Elves and RA...and all of a sudden that life you did not want to live any more turns into spring time!

    You were there just hoping never to wake up again in the morning ever again, and zooooooooom every morning became fun, PG 's thru the front door looking sombre and stressed by work, elves doing music and footie, ED's doing extraordinaire work all over the place at once and yet more......and RA making you feel needed and wanted and useful!

    Life is like spring time and buds - however the winter is hard....spring comes back just the same, and what was apparently dead as a doornail springs into life again.

    I'm am the most lucky NG......luckier than our super writer, because m family came back to life,and I love them...and they love me!

  2. Einstein:
    "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."


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