Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shoe Vote

On Easter Sunday I went to Palavas to look for espadrilles. I have been looking ever since. Today, perchance, I was in Carrefour in search of a cap for the boys, and came across a display of dozens of variously coloured espadrilles! Ooooh, heaven, thought I.

Until I tried them on, that is. I'm a sort of size 38 although I have one foot slightly bigger than the other. So, of course, the size 38 was too small, and the 39 was too big. Visions of me flitting about the summer in variously coloured and decorated espadrilles at 5€ and 6.50€ faded until they were nothing more than the end of the evening television dot (that was).

I have trouble with shoes, it seems. I'm never in tune with the times; wanting boots when there are none about, wanting court-type shoes when flat pointy things are all the rage, or flat shoes when there's nothing under a 5cm heel to be had. Do I do it deliberately? Well, actually, I'm just trying to buy shoes to go with what I'm wearing, that's all. I don't ask for much...

Next door to Carrefour is the Halle aux Chaussures. My youngest needed sandals, so in we went. He found his bonheur pretty quickly, and I thought I'd just have a look around for something to wear during the increasingly hot spring weather. My youngest helped out, making suggestions, showing me 'suitable' shoes and pushing the stool around for me to sit on.

His taste was for the high, strappy evening shoe. Not quite what I had in mind to do the shopping in to go with pedal-pushers.

Searching for shoes is similar to searching for a presidential candidate to not vote for (as I can't vote). Either they are not in tune with the times, or they don't fit. The trouble is, you can't try them on for size first. They get voted in, and only then do you realise you made a fatal mistake. Wrong size, wrong style, wrong substance, but you're stuck with them for seven years.

At least with shoes you can send them to the Secours Catholique if they cease to be fit for purpose!

I'm glad I can't vote, really; I'd be in a real quandry for Sunday when round one takes place. As it is, I watch, knowing it's SEP to make the decisions.

At least I came away with a pair of sandals today, eventually.


  1. Shoes and haircuts...I'm a dismal failure at both. (One look at my head and you'd agree!)

    But you found sandals, so that's not too bad. At least if they stay on your feet, the length can be off a bit with little consequences.

    Still, I am extremely sympathetic. I won't even go to Carrefour and's too demoralizing!

    And now we wait for Sunday...waiting to see if--and when--the other shoe will drop...

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  2. In that shopping mall where Carefour is there is a super cheap but snazzy shoe shop with an enormous choice of everything - but never to be seen or noticed unless you choose to go right down past the opticien towards the pharmacie. It's a treasure trove price wise, style wise, choice wise and every thing or style you can think of. Much more cosy then Halle aux Chaussures, too and happy welcoming sales girls. It's called texto.

  3. Another similarity with politicians: you buy them and then they quickly disintegrate. It's not about your feet!


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