Thursday, May 24, 2007

Midi Libre, 24 May 2007

Here is the write-up by a journalist who was not present at the gala, but held a telephone interview with Diane the next day. It comes from the Midi Libre, 24/05/07.

There are two glaring errors:
1) We did not get 10million euros (a tad unlikely), but 10 thousand.
2) The auctioneer was called Maïtre Françoise KUSEL.I (on the right) am not mentioned, nor is the guy on the left, Franck Fontcouberte who is the conductor of the chamber orchestra. Diane is the other lady, and Professor Henri Pujol is the distinguished gentleman in the middle.

To see the articles written before the gala, see the Promo' Arts website.

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  1. But am I a lady? Today I was drowned beneath hilarious 'phone calls about the big mistakes in the newspaper.....the 10 MILLION euros - extravagant...the spelling mistakes, and most of all the fact that neither you nor Franck had their names in the article! Goes to show that the folks get in touch straight away when it's all wrong.......I 'phoned the attachée de presse and the paper to moan....but all the other folks told me "Oh, c'est bien Midi Libre, ça!"
    Guyzz was hilarious and said that as he always believes what he reads in the papers....what had we done with the lolly!!!!


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