Saturday, June 09, 2007

Big Bang

How many times does one's pc have to crash - before you have time to think of backing up precious files - before one learns the lesson? Once? Twice?

It's happened to me twice now, so I obviously need disaster to strike twice before I see daylight in the foggy recesses of my brain; in the area marked 'Important'. Yesterday, my pc of only 2 1/2 years died a death taking with it, probably, all my photos from that period plus documents written but not printed out, to save the planet.

You know how it is. You think, oh I must do a back-up sometime, and then you forget, and then you remember at some really inconvenient moment, like half-way to Nimes on the A9 autoroute, or 3AM, or in the shower before dashing off to work. Such thoughts never pop up at opportune moments, like ones when you are sitting comfortably in front of the machine doing nothing special.

So, the shop where I bought my pc is now trying to recuperate the files, and I have a new hard drive which I've taken out of the packet, opened the back of the computer, and tried to fit the puzzle together. Not having seen where the old one came out from, I'm at a bit of a loss as to where the new one should sit. I'll have to Google it!

After all that bad luck, I had some good luck at my youngest's school fête. I won two lots in the raffle - two bags both filled with goodies including a beach towel, kite, keyrings, tunnel toy for a dog, bottle of wine, small water bottle coolers, ice tray in the shape of bottles, Mikado games and so on. It's not often that I win at raffles, and even less often that I win a decent prize. I really hit the jackpot this time though!

Frankly, I would have preferred not to lose my files rather than winning the raffle. Have I learnt my lesson? Here's hoping...


  1. Losing files is always a pain - but it's nice to know that lady luck is still around somewhere!

  2. er - yes, I've been meaning to back up my files for a while ...but right now I have to dash or I'll be late for work...I'll do it this evening (if I remember :-))

  3. I've given up trying with the hard drive, and brought it into work...


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