Sunday, June 03, 2007


In my garden, where there was a ground-covering plant with Bordeaux-coloured flowers, there is now a patch of bare earth. Why, is a mystery.

It doesn't look like it was dug up, or scrabbled up by a dog. It was not left to rot nearby; it has disappeared. There is no evidence of someone hopping over the fence and stealing it. Anyway, it was just a plant - nothing special - and there are two others exactly the same, and three others with white flowers within a few centimetres which remain untouched.

I discovered the mystery this evening when I went out to water the garden after deciding that the three drops that fell this afternoon were not sufficient to water a flea pit let alone thirsty vegetables and Japanese grass.

It's been odd weather. Since we put the pool up, it's either been windy, rainy or intermittently pleasant. The boys managed to have a dip today, la Fête des Mères here in France, and I recorded it for posterity to show them having fun on June 3 in the pool! About time too; it's usually revving up for out and out totally annihilating heat by now.

My youngest had made me a beautiful (chunky) red and gold papier maché bracelet at school, and a lovely card, and my eldest drew me a picture with me looking very slim. NG also got a picture from my youngest, looking a bit less slim, which, fortunately, made her laugh, if a little ruefully. Out of the crayons of babes... as they say.

Lunch included some lettuce from the garden which, quite frankly tasted exactly the same as the stuff in the shops. I suppose my consolation is that it's organic, but I'm certainly not in paroxysms of euphoria over the exquisiteness of its delicate flavour.

I wonder if my plant-nicker will come after my veggies too. S/He/It missed the fat juicy strawberries (thanks to buckets of recent rain), so I'm left to wonder if a devastating virus just hit my plant and wiped it off the face of the earth leaving no traces, not even a spot of shaken earth.

Should I call in CSI?

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