Sunday, July 08, 2007

"Thinking" Blogger Award

I often feel I have great difficulties engaging my brain. You know we are only supposed to use a fractional amount of its capacity? Well, I'm under the impression that mine takes the piss by obscuring access to vital functions such as memory so rendering utilisation extremely tricky. What isn't hidden away under lock and key (lost) is frazzled by circular arguments with my pre-ado 10-yr old son.

Imagine, then, dear reader(s), my stunned surprise at being nominated by a very superior blogger Roads of Stone for the Thinking Blogger Award. Roads' blog is one where you go to meander down country lanes, agonise empathetically over miles of a marathon course, or feel your hair blow as he describes whizzing downhill on the London to Brighton cycle race. Marvellous stuff! Anyway, thanks Roads!

The award brings with it a “spread the joy” request to share, by tagging five other blogs - those which make me think.
So here they are:
Dream and Daemons written by ColinB whose blog is packed full of serious information and opinions on various subjects from the use of sulphites in wine to the usefulness of university courses.
Minter Dial who is a mathematician and therefore an alien... He's an American who lives in Paris and his blog provides analysis of American business, Wimbledon, footie, film revues and so on. An eclectic read and always excellently written.
Suspect Paki; a Londoner and a Muslim whose insight and honesty on his issues packs a definite punch.
Colin Randall's blog France Salut! which is a bit of a cheat because he is a real journalist and is paid to write thoughtful stuff. However, he is not paid to write Salut! so I feel justified in nominating him.
Blue Vicar in which Anne relates her life and experiences and offers ideas and suggestions to inspire others to write.
Congratulations to all five of the above, and if you choose to participate, here’s the fine print:
If, and only if, I tagged your blog, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
Link here so that people can find the origin of your award.
On On !


  1. Thank you Sarah, most kind!

  2. Thanks for including me in your list, Sarah. It goes without saying that yours would be at the top of my list too - for its candour and for its elegant writing style.

    Apologies then if I hold off nominating my other Most Thought Provoking Blogs.

    Dreams & Daemons has much in common with the NHS: it's unworkable in principle, yet manages somehow to survive, albeit under permanent review.

    I'm minded to try an entirely different format in the next week or two - making it more like a stand-up snack bar than a sit-down meal.

    As I'm sure you're aware, the male brain can, with few exceptions, (fighter pîlots etc) handle only one task at a time: I'll re-invent D&D first before pontificating on the pros and cons of other folks' blogs.

    Its new form will hopefully allow me to network more easily and naturally with other blogs.

  3. All very well to fabricate your favourite blog list but keep in mind those marvellous contributors who supported the blogs with their writings.
    The NHS colinb refers to is "Now Hippo Says', that unique pallative of his blog.

  4. Do I detect a whiff of nostalgia on the part of our anonymous contributor for the good old days ?

    Is there possibly a hint of ruefulness breaking through: does he/she feels that their own contributions were not given the recognition they deserved ?

    If that is the case, then there's a simple solution. Drop that cloak of anonymity, return to your old identity - or choose a new one if that is your preference - and then cast a spell with your erudition/insight/wit/charm - whichever was your speciality before things turned sour.

  5. Thank you, Sarah. blueVicar is about inspiring others to think, to see and to write. How gratifying to know that it works for you!

    I must now put on my thinking cap...

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  6. Hi Sarah, Am entirely flattered. And, with my Lit background, am all the more flattered to be considered a mathematician! Not sure how that crept in, but surely still alien! I got a B in O Level Maths, does that count?

    Anyway, I agree with colinb about your blog. Have a lovely day.

  7. Thank you, Minter!

    How did I come to think you were a mathematician? Must be the programming? I think I got my lines crossed somewhere!!!

    How come you were doing 'O'Levels? You are American, aren't you? Did you go to a British school? You even say 'maths' and not 'math'. Are you sure you're American?

  8. US passport (American parents) & university... UK public schools (four letter word), Belgium birth, French wife, home & MBA. Probably a little confused myself. Over 15 years of rugger in my shoulders... You make the call! :)


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