Monday, September 03, 2007

Not so Livebox

I am awaiting a call from France Telecom...

Back in August, I called four times over the afternoon to try and sort out my Livebox phone line. My internet connection was cut off by them, and then reconnected, and we had a fine old time, the technicians and I - just the way I adore to spend a summer Saturday afternoon...

The upshot was that I had to buy another phone because the three I had didn't work with the Livebox, and none were specially accredited France Telecom Livebox compatible. That was a week ago, and guess what... it still doesn't work. Oh, I hear you gasp! What a surprise! Yes, I'm gobsmacked too...

So, today, I ring France Telecom, and get a charming chap. I explain my problem and he notices that I called four times in August, so tells me he'll ring back. He does, too! After one or two checks, he concludes that... my Livebox is malfunctioning! So, I'm now awaiting a call from another of his colleagues to fix a RDV to take my present one, and change it for another. Not sure whether I'll have to dedicate a day to waiting for the delivery man to come, however.

Naturally, once I have the gleaming new Livebox, I'll have to call them again to get it connected (réattribution), at 34 cents a minute. Can't wait!

In the meantime, I'm still waiting for their call, and just hoping I don't take root!


  1. Oh, I can hardly bear it...those technical calls take years off of one's life. Hope it goes well and that you get it to work out quickly. There is no doubt, that this kind of issue was one of my least-favorite things about France.

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  2. Bien venue au Club as they say in France! The hordes and hordes of poor people maltreated and trodden under foot my the Mammouth France Telecom.

    From time to time I get so livid I decide 'this time I'll change my fournisseur!!!' - but of course its' 'blanc bonnet & bonnet blanc' as they say in France too.

    Whichever way you look at it they have us over a barrel - and a very expensive barrel to boot.

  3. Well, I did get that call, and have a RDV for Thursday afternoon sometime...


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