Saturday, October 20, 2007


Proof that I'm more than a little distracted at the moment with all my cyber adventures came this evening with me intending to go to the free concert on the place du Peyrou tonight. It was part of the International Guitar Festival being held in and around Montpellier at the moment. Except that it wasn't on today, it was on yesterday.

I practically dragged my youngest in, having bribed him with the promise of a crêpe supper for just gone 6pm parked next to the Arceaux parking, and saw a huge transparent plastic tent being taken down. Assuming it must have been for some event... we walked up to the Peyrou gardens where all was quiet. Odd...

We carried on walking down ave Foch and came to Virgin Records where I sought out a programme of what's on in Montpellier at the moment. There I found, to my annoyance but not really surprise, what I had been anticipating, that the concert was not on tonight. It had been on last night, but when it actually was or might be was a bit irrelevent. It wasn't on tonight so we had come in for nothing! Bugger.

Instead we mooched down to the Place de la Comédie, watched a group of musicians play ethnic African music just using drums, shakers and a bamboo stick, and voice of course. I was amazed at their morphology. Their faces were dark, but had non-African features such as a Roman-type nose, narrow face and thin lips. They looked most unusual. Anyway, I wasn't going to start quizzing them half-way through their concert on their ethnic origins so just left them to it and had supper at the crêperie just up from Quick.

On the way back from the restaurant, we were walking through the Peyrou gardens and two young men approached us. One asked for a light to which I replied that I didn't smoke so didn't have one, and the other asked for change of a 50Eur note at which I just laughed and carried on walking. They were a bit dodgy though...

I was a bit sorry to leave the place de la Comédie as there is a HUGE screen all set up for the rugby final tonight, but I had my youngest so there's no way I could have hung around there to watch it. Shame. Never mind, it was FREEZING today.

I'll watch it in comfort, in the warm, near the loo.



  1. Can happen to anyone ?


  2. hehe, indeed it can Peter!

  3. Isn't that the pits? I do stuff like that all of the time. I keep a calendar...I just forget to consult it. Sounds like you made lemonade out of the lemons, though.

    Meilleurs voeux!!


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