Saturday, October 06, 2007


My eldest's 11th birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and today he is supposed to be doing the celebrating with his friends bit. I meanly told him he couldn't invite every kid and his dog to a MacDo-fest as it costs too much for what it is. On the other hand, I suggested, I would take him and a couple of pals to the cinema.

This suggestion went down very well on condition, he said, that I left him and his pals to see the movie all by themselves. Ah. I agreed, of course, thinking that we would be in town and I could mooch around the shops for an hour or so, have a nice cup of coffee on the Place de la Comedie and watch the world go by plugged into my MP3 player.

Not quite... He wants to see The Simpsons movie which is on at the super mega Mulitplex outside Montpellier, near Ikea (funnily enough...). Pop went my afternoon's activities bubble. I now have the prospect of going to a movie myself all on my todsome which I loathe (never done it, don't intend to start now...), sitting in the car reading, going to Ikea looking at things I don't want to buy (or I do, but can't...), taking the tram back into town to rekindle original bubble or drive down to the beach. Hmmm. All involve effort except sitting in the car reading. How annoying.

Why the desire to have it easy? Well, I went shopping in Carrouf this morning, and it's buggered me for the day... Shopping on Saturday mornings really is the pits but since I was there I bought a box of organic quinoa and a nice rice/lentil organic mixture just for a change. Intermarche doesn't have such exotic items. It's probably why I spend less when I shop there too...

Maybe reading on the beach is what I'll do this afternoon. It's lovely here today - must be easily mid-20s°C. I'll let you know...

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