Saturday, December 08, 2007

Arty Farty

It's been an arty week, this week. On Wednesday evening we were freezing on the quai at Port Ariane for a vernissage (art exhibition opening). Actually, it was the last place we wanted to go, but as the artist was one of ours (Promo'Arts) and an active one at that, we rather felt obliged. Still, on a week day, in winter (felt like it, anyway) it was a toughy.

Ports are damp places at the best of times. Add to that a nippy wind and you've got an unpleasant evening ahead. We braved the traffic. I need hardly say that we got caught in a traffic jam. Someone had collided with a motorcyclist and the pompier's ambulance was there, but stationary. That's bad news, that. It should have been screeching off to hospital, had there been hope...

Half an hour later, we got through and made our way to Lattes. I waved to the offices of my lawyer and we strove against the biting wind around various bits of quai and bridge to find the exhibition. Got there eventually and, to our dismay, saw the buffet was outside! Our estimated staying time took a sharp direction downwards from the already 'shortest time necessary to fly the flag' option. Inside the gallery it was, thankfully, as snug as a bug. The only problem was, we were surrounded by her paintings, and, to be honest, I don't like them one bit.

A plastic cup of punch and some nibbles later, we dashed off, stopped for a peace-offering supper of MacDo for the boys (they had really not wanted to go out...) and went home.

Last night was vernissage #2 - a totally different affair. To start with, it was taking place in the restaurant at Galeries Lafayette, so inside, in the warm! It was the annual Promo'Arts Diane Rauscher-Kennedy vernissage laid on for our members and certain invited guests to thank them for their support throughout the year. Diane lays on a proper spread - not just your average bowl of crisps and plate of peanuts!

The vernissage coincided with a pre-Christmas late opening in the shop so there were lots of people milling around. We had a notice at the entrance of the restaurant warning people that we were having a private event by invitation only. You wouldn't believe the cheek of some folk who smart-arsed their way in; not members, not interested in art, but wanting to freeload on the food and booze. It's not as though there was nothing to stuff in the rest of the shop, either. Tables had been placed all over the place with nibbles and drink, but some people preferred to freeload with a table and chair, in comfort....

Diane accosted some on their way out, having had more than their fill. One or two scuttled away like the low-life they were, others stopped and gave their name and addresses.

I had a lovely time talking to some lovely people; managed to eat one plate of food, and drank a couple of half glasses of wine. We had come in on the tram which I regretted as we froze waiting the ten minutes for the homeward one to arrive.

The paintings, natch were gorgeous. I have three on my walls...

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  1. Well I'm still shivering thinking about the vernissage on the port - but the nibbles and punch were super! And no way could we get out of it.

    I'm also trembling, but more with rage at the freeloaders at our Friday knees up, meant for us and ours, and not others, but surprised myself by having a real go at two or three of them when they left sagging so full were their wicked bellies, saying exactly what I thought of them crashing into a charity evening for free and stuffing themselves...and inspite of my terrible curt remarks, felt a lot better afterwards!! Didn't know a good telling off and putting in place could be so good for the spirits.

    But our buffet was yummy and the wine, ahhhhhhhhhh! It is supposed to be music that "adoucit les moeurs"....but I think its good booze and pals around to share it!!!


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