Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And there were cones...

My journey to work consists of a main bypass road, a little roundabout, a connecting road with bridge to a really main road, then roundabout, little road and I'm there. It takes not much more than 5mins.

The connecting road with bridge is tree-lined and suffers greatly when it's lashed by heavy rain. In the last two years, it's been pot-holed, resurfaced, had the new road washed away, been resurfaced and so on. Recently new cables were laid with a temporary surface to cover them which became quickly a mess of holes. Yesterday and today, the temporary surface was redone.

Guess what time the work started? Take into account that rush-hour is usually 8-9am. Yes, they started at 8am. They blocked one side of the road and put up a temporary traffic light. By the time I got there, there was quite a queue, not helped by interruptions to the flow of traffic by lorries manoeuvring with materials for the resurfacing.

Tempers were fraying in the waiting cars. Everyone had to get to work and there had been no warning that delays could be expected. A colleague at work who usually takes 5mins to get to her daughter's school, today took 20mins and was late as a result.

Why the workmen couldn't start at 9am I don't know. It would make sense, be considerate to those trying to get to earn a decent crust and I'm sure they'd work more easily without a constant flow of traffic weaving past them.

That's too simple though... Thankfully, they had finished by this evening. I wonder how long the new surface will last...

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