Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Prison Take

Coming back from footie, we overtook one of those serious French cyclists all kitted out in lycra on a skinny bike. "Maybe you should run him down" said my youngest naughtily, "how many points would that be?" "Enough to send a mummy to prison" said I.

Which got me thinking. If I was sent to prison the boys would go to their father's, but what would happen to my stuff and my rented house? Does someone come in and house-clear? What do they do with the sofa, the filing cabinet of bank statements and bills, the cat, the hundreds of books, the crap in the garage and the car? For starters?

Not that I'm planning on going to prison, you understand, or running over a cyclist or anyone else, but if you don't have a partner, what the hell happens to your stuff?

Today's question...


  1. The landlord sells what he can to cover the rent you can't now pay and the rest goes in the skip.

  2. Actually, Expat, I don't think it works like that in France. The US perhaps, but not here!

    Frankly, that would be theft!


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