Monday, February 11, 2008

ebuzzing - you wot?



You see this logo? This is me trying out a new concept. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice that I do not have advertising on my blog. No Google ads, no banners, no pop-ups or sidebars. However, I do sometimes blog about products or stuff I like, or don't like (see last blog on Revitalift - still waiting for air-brushed skin...).Well, guess wot? Someone has come up with the brilliant idea of associating what you like to write about, and those who would dearly love you to write about them (ie advertisers), and what's the best bit? Well, don't faint, but they actually pay you. Yeah, roight, I hear you cry cynically, there must be a CATCH! There's always a BUT.

I promise you, I have searched high and low for one. Result so far? Rien, nothing, bugger all. You can either tick your areas of interest and wait for an advertiser to pass by and ask nicely if you wouldn't mine writing an article for a certain price. If the price is too low, you can tell him to get knotted or suggest a price more in keeping with your ego, blog affluence, financial aspirations or negotiating acumen. That is the ebuzzing direct concept, the equivalent of headhunting.

Alternatively, you can search out products of interest and submit a request to write about it. That is ebuzzing network, the equivalent of applying for a job.

Being a lazy sod, I'm rather inclined to prefer ebuzzing direct, and sit on my butt until someone falls from the sky. The thought of wanting to write a blog post with the sole intention of earning some dosh is slightly not my thing, but I'm quite happy to react to being approached. Commerce is so tricky, is it not? One really does not want to risk selling one's blogging soul to the advertising devil.

I think ebuzzing avoids blatant commercial exploitation by getting people to write about things they would anyway, but get paid for it as well.

That, my blogging confrères, is cool!


  1. Added you in Technorati Favorits with pleasure.

  2. It seems the world of Ad/PR is taking blogs seriously. Elizabeth Fourmont, who blogs as "La Coquette" from Paris, and often writes about fashion, was recently shouted a trip to New York plus swag from Gucci. She also posted this piece from NYT by way of showing that she wasn't unique:

  3. Thanks, Shirazi!

    Gosh, Expat, bet she gets more traffic than me. I'd just get a bus ride to Tati...

  4. I particularly like the order of what ebuzzing states in their header: "like, recommend, earn"... Staying authentic and making money are absolutely acceptable, if not desirable!


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