Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sofa So Good

The boys went off to see their father last night - a traumatic event if ever there was one, and I was left practically a gibbering wreck who had to be revived with some excellent wine and a salmon supper chez pal B. If I told you my eldest was looking forward to seeing his father, I'd be lying...

So, I'm now left to contemplate my navel and my dash across the Pond next weekend. To help pass the interminable moments before getting on the plane, I went furniture shopping today, and I think I have got things sussed for the upgrading of my sitting/dining room. Out will go the old sofa, crappy table and even crappier tele table; the bar stools and 5 Ikea chairs in green plastic (any offers?) - there had been six but one couldn't take being swung upon by my eldest any longer and when he fell backwards, snapped the plastic on the backrest. That was the only thing that broke, thankfully!

I was just going to give Emaus a call to come and take the whole lot away, but it's been suggested that I put some of the stuff on Ebay, so if I can get my act together I may do that. Not that I would make much money though, and certainly not enough to enable me to buy a new mattress.

After a nice little lie-in where I mentally wrote rude letters to various people and thought delicious thoughts about another, I forced myself to get up and go off to St Jean de Vedas. It's a bit of a trek, but without little voices from the back informing me that they do not want to be there, it didn't matter.

First stop Authentica and as soon as I walked in, I knew the saleswoman thought I was not a likely customer. Not even when I was examining closely the tables and chairs and went and asked specific questions about a special offer did she consider me seriously. It's very annoying that, and I may well order off the internet just so that I do her out of some business. Having checked delivery charges, natch...

Then to Bois et Chiffons where they have a perfect angle sofa which is just the right size, although I wish it was 500Eur cheaper. I just hope my bank advisor, who is a lovely chap, doesn't have a fit of the vapours at my sudden splashing out on credit left right and centre. I can see I'll be paying it off for quite some time, but at least I'll have a house I can invite people into and not feel like a total prat.

Something to aim for, at 44 going on 23, no?


  1. Try AngloInfo - you'll probably getter a price for your stuff than you would on ebay!

  2. Oh, thanks, Sam. I didn't know that place!


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