Sunday, March 09, 2008

Arrow arrow, wot 'ave we 'ere...

There was much excitement this morning. The boys were making bows and arrows out of bamboo sticks of a certain length. I asked where they had got the sticks from, but was either not heard, or ignored. I'm hoping for the former...

I even helped out, gouging a notch for the string to sit in so when it was stretched the string wouldn't just slide down uselessly. Hours of Robin Hood-type fun was had before it started raining with the boys firing arrows at the goal posts, around the garden and at each other. They even had a stock of arrows, stuffing them into their jumpers down the neck.

It's now nearly 7pm and I have finally realised where they got the sticks from. They are my tomato supports bought at ridiculous expense for what they are at Botanic last year. They found them in the garden trunk which they subsequently left open and I had to hurry out to close when the rain had been falling for some time. My youngest has gone back out, rain not withstanding to get some last practice in. In a coat too! There's dedication.

I'm now wondering how many of the arrows have survived because if experience is anything to go on, archery sessions are short-lived not for want of enthusiasm but for lack of arrows as they get shot out and lost. I may have to readjust my 2008 tomato crop quantity projections...

I thought it was very resourceful of them actually.

And I don't mind at all about the sticks.


  1. Boys will be boys...thank heavens!

  2. as long as they aren't slinging the tomatoes around as well!

  3. Er, I can see you're not a gardener, Minter... I haven't actually planted the tomatoes yet!

    But no, they haven't discovered slinging tomatoes around yet as a jolly jape.

  4. Part of the city slicker image I try to maintain. We did manage to grow a few tomatoes last year in our Paris flat if you can imagine.

  5. So how do you say that then Minter? TomAYto

    being an American Brit 'n' all.


  6. toe maaaah toe... British accent usually wins out, especially after a couple of days in England.


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