Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Greetings

It's a bit early for Easter really. We are having a cold spell, and although it was sunny today, it was cold and windy. There was snow further north. Those people therefore had a white Easter. Funny how no one has written a song about that yet...

I had been pondering the idea of dragging the boys to church. This would have been beyond the call of duty, in my opinion, because I am not a Catholic, and our local church is. The devout amongst you may think this is nit-picking and just a pretext because we all believe in the same God, and I expect you'd be right. I don't like going to Catholic mass though, I don't like the hymns, I don't like the service and I don't like the Popery stuff.

So, having put the idea to the boys which went down like a lead balloon, I thought about lunch, and the juggling needed to cook a good meal together with Being Good and decided to cop out. On Friday I had been forced into an uncomfortable theological discussion with my eldest at the end of a working week where he seemed to have grasped the concept of God and was having nothing to do with it. Greater minds than mine could perhaps have done a better job than I at putting forward various hypotheses, but I could not refute his logic and retreated into defeat.

What with the strong opposition and the idea of juggling cooking, plus the crappy weather, the notion of going to church just fizzled out and we were able to enjoy a lunch cooked without too much stress and very little juggling.

For those of you who are interested, this is what we had:
-Blinis with organic salmon, and fresh asparagus.
-Roast leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary accompanied by roast spuddies broccoli, sprouts and fried pleurote mushrooms.
-Red fruits and apple crumble with cream.

And very tasty it was too. That was basically all we did today - eat. The boys got their egg hunt which they enjoyed very much, and I had to snooze after all my exertions and two glasses of wine. We had done some cleaning and clearing in the morning so we could actually eat off the table...!

Happy Easter one and all.

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