Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stand and Deliver

I seem to be in a delivery black hole. Something in the universe has decided to thwart deliveries concerning me. First it was the table and chairs - twice - now it's Kiabi.

What intrigues me in this planetary provocation is that not all deliveries encounter problems. My sofa arrived on time and was installed with an ease that was akin to caressing recently waxed and moisturised legs. I had two orders with Kiabi. The first arrived, I was informed about this by email and it was waiting for me in the Coin Presse that serves as a depot.

I had made two orders on the same day though - delivery being free, because my son, upon being told of the first order, announced that he was in fact desperate for tee-shirts both long- and short-sleeved, plus the inevitable jeans. The first order had consisted of socks and sports trousers. So I placed the second order.

I received the email announcing its availability in the Coin Presse and, so as not to waste precious resources such as diesel, I waited until I was sure both would be there before I drove over to the next village. I was told, rather brusquely, that there was only one package. Despite getting an email of confirmation? I asked. The rough 'n' ready shopkeeper told me that he only had one package, couldn't conjure up the second one out of thin air and I should take it up with Kiabi.

So I sent them an email. No response.

I haven't had a response from Authentica either about my table and chairs. I'm in limbo delivery land.

You can see what I mean, can't you?!


  1. Qu'est-ce c'est, Le Coin Presse?

  2. It's a newsagent's. La Presse is newspapers.

    Le Coin Presse doubles as a depot for Kiabi. I really don't like the guy in that shop. He is such a boar.

  3. Try, try try again!!!!

    Know how you feel I'm in "internaute limbo land" and getting more and more frustrated every second....

    For you "complaints" letters...try the snide copies to do...even if you don't really copy the letters, it gives those guys ythe willies.....


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