Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just Die

The online front page of the Telegraph today declared that 'Number of pensioners in poverty increases' with almost one in three in that terrible state.

Gordon Brown, when Chancellor, ransacked the pensions funds to pay for God knows what, leaving many, having paid into a scheme all their working life, with a worthless piece of paper. Now the situation is being compounded with rising costs all round - council tax, food, fuel - which are all rising faster than the rate of the state pension.

So you get hundreds of thousands of people who've been screwed over by the Government raiding their pensions schemes and are now being told 'Screw you' by that same Government who don't seem to be able to spend public money in any way that enhances the lives of those in need. They are very good at spending it on themselves, however, and I can assure that their retirements will be golden.

On the other hand, the same Telegraph front page gives a link to a letter written by a gentleman who is looking after his 'essentially dead' wife and asks for moral guidance. One of the miracles of modern medicine is to be able to prolong life. The temptation to ask 'for what?' is pretty strong, given the misery in which a large number of elderly people live, thanks to 'Screw you' Government policies.

While these medicines might exist, and new techniques developed to enable us to go on and on, the NHS deprives those who need them because they are over the hill. New treatments are too expensive to spend on those who need them (over a certain age), so once you hit 65 or so, you can look forward to increasing decrepitude whilst starving and freezing to death. God forbid if you wish to put an end to such an existence, however. At that moment you'll get a whole bunch of sanctimonious, healthy, twats telling you about the sanctity of life from their groaning dinner tables and functioning centrally-heated homes.

If you're caring for an 'essentially dead' spouse, it's a matter of luck whether you'll receive any help. Most spouses are similarly aged, so looking after a severely deficient person when you're the same age, and not so healthy as you once were, is a guarantee to hurry your own demise. There is no national plan to ensure that carers are helped to care for their partner/parents which means that some have to cope 24/7 alone, with a lunatic. Is it any wonder that, driven to desperation through physical and mental exhaustion, some get violent?

The whole situation is an absolute disgrace. It's incoherent and illogical. The Government's right hand is not communicating with its left, which means that policies are irrational. You would think they could look at the whole problem, not just individual bits here are there. There again, that would need them to actually care. Since they will not, themselves, be bothered by such situations, they can quite happily apply the odd patch here and there, and quote statistics to say how everything in the garden is peachy.

I think there's a niche market for blue pill fabrication opening up. Old age will simply be too ghastly to bear. The Government could fund research and development because, with all these OAPs ducking out of the pond, they'll be saving millions for the NHS. How tidy...

Now, there's something to look forward to!


  1. Yes dear, my reply is obviously "why bother" just let us go in peace and with our dignity.

    In France it's the same - when you don't have the handy cash....that's it mate!

  2. I am incredulous at what a supposed Labour government is doing to the needy in our society. I'm lucky I have enough, but I expect my taxes to help people who don't and that doesn't seem to be happening. The abolition of the 10% tax rate hit the people who earn the least the most - what is going on?


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