Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sessions with a Speech Therapist

My youngest has always had a husky voice. It was pretty cute as a toddler. Now, however, it's become obvious that he has a problem. There are days when he comes home from school barely able to articulate his desire for food. His school maitresse told me that often he shouts so much in the playground that he can't read out loud in the afternoon.

Of course, that might be intentional...

Still, there comes a point when Something Should be Done. So it was off to the GP who sent us to the specialist who prescribed speech therapy. My youngest is a boy who is not afraid of others. This lands him in trouble from time to time not least at school. The speech therapist was having a nice chat to him about his friends one of whom was being annoying.
"Why was he annoying you?" she asked.
"Because I was twisting his arm" came the matter-of-fact reply.

We could not stop ourselves from laughing.

Every day he must now do various exercises to retrain his voice. Being a serious child, he goes along with this although when asked if he was interested in improving his voice, he had answered 'No'.

I suppose I should be thankful that he's cooperative. I get the feeling, however that he has a secret agenda which has nothing to do with his voice. That's my youngest all over.

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