Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wot, M'Lud?

I'm sure I'm not the only one not to understand the French legal system, but really, I am perplexed at the events of the last couple of days.

My divorce procedure was supposed to be following its course and my appeal against the last judgement heard today. Yesterday I called my lawyer who told me that due to strikes at the Tribunal the courts were not sitting, so it was likely that my appeal would be off today. Strikes in France, I hear you cry! How can it be? I know it's not something the French tend to do, being accepting little souls who never try to get their own way... BUT Rachida Dati, Minister for Justice, has been upsetting the legal world with her reform of the Carte Judiciaire closing a number of Tribunals and regrouping others. Lawyers are not the type to take attacks against their interests without a fight - actually, the French in general are not the type, especially self-interest - so they have been exercising their right to strike.

I relayed this information to my ex-h who called yesterday and who had every intention of being present for appeal with the result that he came down anyway but later to pick up the boys and drive them back for July with him. He stopped off, on the way over, at the Tribunal and guess what... it had not been on strike and the appeal had been heard!

Naturally the fact that he'd missed it was all my fault, but I have no idea what happened and have not been able to speak to my lawyer yet.

There was nothing he could have done even if he had been present as it was a procedure between lawyers, but he wanted to hear what was said probably to check up that his lawyer didn't let him down. I didn't want to be present because a certain amount of slagging off goes on and that would have upset me. I prefer to let my lawyer get on with it.

So, I'm now waiting with bated breath for her call to let me know what the hell is going on. Good thing I didn't organise and then cancel a divorce party!

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