Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can't Be Arsed

Inspired by Carol Midgely in the Times, who writes today (can't be arsed to check) about 28 things she can't be arsed to do (again), I thought that sounded like a good subject for my own list.

So, I can't be arsed to...
1. Have any more children - would quite do my back in and the sleepless nights and crying would reduce me to a gibbering wreck in the local loony bin, padded cell, the lot. Anyway, I'm too old.
2. Have a career. Probably too late for that too. (Except for writing...)
3. Keep up with fashion. *yawn*
4. Buy all the must-have accessories, not that I can afford them anyway, but I'd certainly not crunch my credit to get them.
5. Clean out the inside of my car. Am planning to bribe the boys to do it.
6. Do regular exercise. Yeah, I hate myself for not doing, but hey...
7. Work on my book. I'm in a lull.
8. Keep the house spotless like the perfect French housewife that I'm not. I live with two boys...
9. Listen to music on my MP3 player. Yeah I have one, but it needs recharging, and my computer blew so I have to install the software again.
10. Stuff mushrooms. Life's too short...
11. Stay in contact with my ex-in-laws.
12. Engage with most people. I've perfected looking miles away.
13. Do what my ex wants me to do. Those days are over!
14. Throw away excess clothes. I may have to get off my arse though.
15. Put a whole load of stuff on Ebay that I have to sell and can't be arsed to take it to the flea market.
16. Tidy the garage (again).
17. Get involved with cliques at work (playground stuff). I have me mates, the rest can get stuffed.
18. Go to shops, except Carrouf, natch. (I give an arse about eating and drinking!)
19. Find out all the really exciting things to do in Montpellier.
20. Get really keen on politics whether French or British, or anywhere else. It's the politicians that ruin it for me.

Can't be arsed to think of any more. Carol's list is quite glam really, as she lists things she's done, like interview this person, go to that concert/festival, so it looks good because she has at least done all those things. Mine is more of a general list.

Of course, there are lots of things I can be arsed about, but I can't care about everything or I'd be a Duracell bunny and exhausting to be around.

I tend to concentrate my can be arsed efforts on making sure the boys are doing the right thing/are at the right place at the right time/having fun, my TWDB, friends, keeping body and soul together, and remembering to go to work (a big effort that one). Right now I should be ironing. Can I be arsed? Well, no cos I'm blogging. Fun is for me too. Anyway, one of the joys of living alone (with boys) is being able to choose not to do what you're supposed to do, and knowing that no one will get snippy with you for being a lazy bugger.

Can't be arsed means staying cool and being at peace with oneself.


  1. Carol's list was pretty amusing. I've done 11 of her 29.

    strongly agree: Not just Harry's Bar but the whole stinking pile of Venice is SO overrated.

    strongly disagree: Marrakech. I loved it.

  2. Fab.....I'm going to do a list today.......but I don't know if I'll have enough paper - and any way my Epson lay down and died yesterday....and I can't be arsed to go and buy another one!!!

  3. NG - that's the spirit!

    Expat - I've done 8. The 8 most boring ones: 11,16,18,20,23,26,28. The timeshare did turn out to be a winner. We got some good time out of it, then took them to court and got all our money back. Cool.

  4. Your can't be arsed list has striking similarities with my own.

    Visiting via black box and enjoying your blog muchly


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