Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Sans Fin

This weekend seems to be going on an awfully long time. I'm taking a break here from doing stuff, to have a nice sit down, and to looking forward to having a drink. I've had tea, now I need a tipple.

Today my eldest is 12. His birthday treat was to take 3 friends to the cinema, starting with lunch at MacDo, then an ice-cream after the film and back home for cake and pressies and play.

To prepare for the onslaught of boys, 7 in total including a friend of my youngest and the little brother of one of official guests, I did some tidying up downstairs and then lay into my youngest's bedroom. I've already written about the state he gets his room into, but today it was so bad I just blew and decided to have a blitz. I swept everything into the centre of the room with a big bin bag and got him to help me sort it all out in record time.

That done we collected the other boys, went to MacDo, had lunch and deposited the big guys at the cinema (to see 'Journey to the centre of the earth'). I took the younger boys and one of the mothers to the beach for a nice hour or so sun and sea air. The best fun the boys could think of was to throw wet sand at each other so they were a sight when we had to leave to pick up the big boys. I think most of the sand dried off nicely in the car...

Once back home (after collecting the big guys, and having MacDo drinks and ice-cream) the boys grabbed all the weapons they could find and started fighting each other. A break was taken for pressies and cake and Carembars, and they are now at it again outside rushing about like banshees on a sugar high.

Yesterday I started off taking my youngest to his mountain bike club, doing the shopping, collecting him, rushing home for lunch, taking him and his friend to footie, rushing home, taking my eldest to mountain bike club, collecting him after cleaning the house during his absence, then driving all the way down to watch the last footie match only to find they'd finished and the trainer was bringing them home.

While everyone else was out in the glorious sunshine having fun, I was inside doing the thing I hate, loathe and detest - cleaning the sodding house. Yes, it looks lovely, but the price I pay...

Tonight, NG has kindly offered to cook dinner after which I intend to lie prostrate in front of the tele with a drink in my hand...

...and wait for the weekend to finish, enfin.

Work is so much more restful!

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