Friday, October 03, 2008

Costly Nationality

Rip-off Britain, it's called; over-priced for a holiday, cheaper to fly to the Costas, and ruinous to live in.

Even the Government is fleecing its citizens. Have you seen the price for a passport now? I need to change the name on mine, back to my maiden name. Just one change - I renewed it only in 2003 so I've got a fair few years on it yet. No half-price bargain because I've still got 5 years to run on it! No sirree. It'll cost me the price of a full renewal, again. Yes! Even for a name change, I have to go through the whole procedure all over again, which will cost 158€.

Good grief! For the French, it'll only cost 60€ to get an adult passport. I'm in the process of renewing the boys' passports and decided to keep them French because it'll only cost 60€ for two instead of 202€ for two British passports.

Is there any country that has more expensive fees? I'm absolutely disgusted. If France can keep the price down, then how come the Brits can't? Apparently, the price is high to pay for the introduction of ID cards, but France already has ID cards without having to fleece its citizens.

If they can do it, WHY CAN'T WE?

I've been meaning to register the boys as British citizens at the consular, and get them British birth certificates, but guess how much that'll cost. Registering each child costs 122€, and a birth certificate costs 78€, total : 400€; plus two passports: 602€; plus my passport: 760€.

Seven hundred and sixty euros. It no longer pays to be British, it costs.


  1. Guess why I'm keeping my maiden name after my marriage?! Also I hate the way the English have of putting 'Mrs. ........' and the christian and surname of the husband. Goods and chattles.

  2. Hello, I've come here via the Black Box! It's nice to meet you, and yes, Britain is horribly expensive. I'm British and living in Bangkok, so have escaped it for a while.

  3. Wise move, Louise!!

    Welcome, JJ and thank you for the message. That Black Box is great fun!


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