Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fancy Not

I could go to a fancy dress party this weekend, but I can't be arsed and I'm trying to work out why. It's in a good cause - raising money for some medical charity for kids, and the person organising it is someone I need to meet, would like to meet, and feel sure I'd get on with. So why my apathy?

The big problem is that it's a fancy dress party. I've found in the past that every time I've made an effort to dress up in something daft, and look a total tosser, I've been one of the few. Most of the other guests, not wishing to show themselves up, merely ignore the 'fancy dress' part of the invitation, and just turn up, as usual, with a bottle.

The other problem is that fancy dress requires way too much thought beforehand. Unless you have acres of time sitting around with nothing else to do, it's a pain in the butt to have to a) think of what to go as, and b) find the wherewithal to make the costume. This party requires that guests go as something beginning with the letter 'D'.

The obvious ones, like 'doctor', 'dentist' are way too boring, and my ex-h went off with all his medical white coats anyway. I thought 'diva' might be a good one - just go in a pretty dress and throw a tantrum on arrival...

We have costume shops in Montpellier, but they are on the other side of town. As my TWDB (who won't be here this weekend) put it, "You couldn't pay me to cross town on a Saturday afternoon to hire a costume!" Quite.

The other problem is that I don't know to what extent the organisers have a sense of humour. A friend was wanting to go as a 'dominatrix', but if the other guests are all nice ladies dressed demurely in something vaguely costumed, but also elegantly expensive (think Liz Hurley dressed as a devil), then it might not go down too well having every other man in the room's tongue hanging out.

So I basically object to the excessive amount of time required preparing for a party with a bunch of people I don't know, dressed in something I will not feel comfortable in, and will feel like a total prat in all evening. Especially if only 3 other folk have followed the instructions!

So I'll give it a miss.

I'm also giving the Fête des Vignes a miss too as pal B who I usually go with is not around and it's no fun to go alone. It usually takes place the first weekend of December, and he is in the US right now, having thought it would be next weekend. So he's gutted at the prospect of missing it, and I'm gutted that I'll miss it because I've got no one to go with and I'm too much of a wimp to go alone.

So if you're going, let me know, okay?


  1. I have so often been annoyed at how the French don't "do" fancy dress, and love Americans for doing it so whole-heartedly. I wouldn't want spend any money on a costume, but love rigging up home-made hilariousness in the good old Kiwi tradition.

    If I was geographically near enough I would come with you and we could look like plonkers together and have FUN!

  2. Well I'm just wearing horns and a tail as a diablotin, but I've seen photos of their last do...and everybody was disguised.........the Team are all dressing as dancers, and there wil be "champagne à volonté" and the buffet dinatoire is done by our super friend u know who! As well as super dj

    Also, one of the "lots" to be given, a nice one is from me, and I can't wait to see C as a Dominatrice....

    I think u should really come -

  3. Thanks, Antipo. You sure sound like a jolly person to go partying with, that's for sure!!!

    NG, I'll be driving so the champers will be wasted on me, and while I'd love to go if it was in normal clothes, I do not feel inspired by the theme of fancy dress. And I don't have a babysitter.


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