Monday, November 03, 2008

Making Conversation

Making conversation with dotty dad:
"You can remember things from the past then?"
"I s'pose so."

"What did you want to be when you grew up, when you were little?"
"Don't know really."

"Would you like to go for a walk at the beach?"
"Don't care."

Pointing to lotissement where we had a house 4 years ago:
"Do you remember that place?"
"Oh yes."
"We used to live there."
"Oh. Really?"

Imagined conversations:
"Were you ever unfaithful?"
"Not really."
"Did you ever have sex with another woman?"
"Sex??? I think they were blue."

"Why did you get married?"
"Don't know really."

"What is your favourite food?"
"Eee, I don't know really."

"If I stuck a red hot poker up yer bum, would it hurt?"
"I s'pose so."

Real converstions:
"What's the matter?"
"Er... I don't know."
"Oh, yes."
"That way."
"...That's the shower!"
"Oh, is it?"

*sat in car*
"Safety belt?"
"That thing there..."
repeat systematically x 1bn²

"Why did you scoff the present for the boys?"
"Oh, it (Boys' Own 'Chocs Away' choccies with make it yourself polystyrene aeroplance special gifty) was for them?"

Am I being mean?
*bangs head against wall*


  1. Treatment is available. Have you thought of this : ?


  2. Very funny, Peter! I'll have to show my mother that one. It'll make her laugh!


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