Saturday, November 01, 2008

Official Moaning Post

French television is revving up for a long weekend of American election programming. I'm bored already. I get bored enough with the French elections, which I cannot vote in, so you can imagine my little more than passing interest in one across the Atlantic.

Especially as it seems to have been going on for So Long! I'm sure some kids have never known anything else. Either it's the nomination for the parties' top guy, or campaigning for the presidency. I wish they would just get on with it, get it over and move on.

Voila.So, my temper is not at its sweetest today. I'm cleaning - that bane of my existence. Not a normal clean either, but a mega one because my parents are coming to stay and they'll be sleeping in my eldest's room.

The weather is stinky wet so floors don't dry and you can't go up and down the road to the bin. I had to do a couple of major site works too. One was swapping the slatted bed frames over to give the crappy bed in my eldest's room the frame with feet. Damned heavy they are, as are the mattresses which have to be heaved about on an off the bed.

Then there was the fridge which was leaking. It's an American job, so huge and heavy, and had to be pulled out to detect the problem. I'm now exhausted and it's only 2.25pm.

So, what's positive... well, weather isn't, cleaning isn't, absent TWDB isn't, shopping wasn't... um... pass. Oh, I found my eldest's housekey, under an item of furniture which proves that it does pay to sweep under things... (dammit).

Today is a bank holiday which means that anything other than a hypermarket is shut despite the fact that it's a Saturday and the only day of the week when one is normally not at work and can do things. Like what? Well, like dump stuff off at the Secours Catholique, for example. Guess what? I dumped it anyway. I need to go to the dechetterie too (the dump), but it's shut so the cat-soiled smelly duvet will have to wait. (*puke*)

What else can I moan about? Hmm, I think that about wraps it up, but do join in if you want to get something off your chest. There's nothing like sharing...

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