Monday, January 12, 2009

Wifi Fo Fum

There are five bags sitting on the landing destined for the Secours Catholique. Yet another blow-out tidying session in my youngest's bedroom. I'm getting ever more ruthless with accumulated crap. The bin was much in evidence as I stormed my way through a shallow box, the floor, behind the bed, under the bed and in the bookcase. Used holiday workbooks out, torn no use to anyone booklets out. Baby books out to the SC. The bookcase is no longer sagging and my hope is that my youngest can now find the books he likes to look at/read (ever optimistic, me).

I then went through my eldest's wardrobe which was filled with crap including my old text books from my business Masters. I don't think I could sell anything published in 1995 - it's all out of date management fads, but someone may find them useful if they just had to pay 50cents per book. Out also went my Arabic books. Space-consuming, they will never be read by me again, I know. I can't even read the titles any more! There's a lot of wilful forgetting in there...

It gives you a very good feeling to get rid of crap. We are weighed down with tons of useless stuff that just sits around taking up space both physical and head. I enjoy seeing the honed down emptiness of my youngest's bedroom. I think I like it better than he does to be honest but then that may be because it was me on my hands and knees emptying the crap into the bin while he wafted around pretending to be useful. He also kept discovering forgotten toys that I uncovered in the blitz so there would be cries of joy as he laid his hands on a formerly buried much-loved item.

I'm taking bets on how long the present tidy state will last. Odds on for at least a week... after that however...

We took the dead Christmas tree to the dump, together with the bike that had been rotting outside the front door for months, old school notebooks, three boxes of bottles, some old clothes and other tat. Out with the old, in with the new - the Christmas tree was replaced by three house plants which are supposed to absorb all the noxious fumes given off by household paint, glue and other sundry construction materials. I wonder whether we'll notice the new purer air.

There was a lot of catching up to do with clearing and cleaning. I had done little over the holiday period and consequently was obliged to devote an entire weekend to it. Complicating my single-minded pursuit of housework was my effort to connect the XBox to the internet via a wireless widget thingy. Time when I could have been hoovering my room was spent battling with technology, which won, to my disgust. My room still needs hoovering and we still have no connection.

Even the Technology Wizard himself, my TWDB couldn't get it to work. The wifi widget doesn't connect to the Live Box ADSL modem. Even when sitting right next to it, it is blind to its presence. I would take it back, but my eldest made a right pig's ear out of the plastic packaging when he opened it and I'm sure that Carrouf would just laugh at my request for reimbursement. I must remember not to let him get anywhere near opening risky packaging.

Does anyone have a wifi XBox connection which works?


  1. Oh dear, that's awful - they do say that there is no problem - just solutions - but off hand for the WFi I cannot really see what - however it is early in the morning.

    I dare not think of what kind of mood u were in if you have been cleaning and tidying up - I'll just keep out of the way!

  2. My solution is simple. I'm going to try and get Carrouf to reimburse me for a faulty product.

    Well you did see me in the evening, post-pastry making!


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