Thursday, February 05, 2009


There's a real dilemma brewing for tonight.

Do I watch Poubelle la Vie, or Our Dear Prez? It's a tricky one for sure.

On the one hand PlV is dead exciting with the dénouement of one of the stories about to unfold, and on the other we have ODP Sarko who will be attempting to explain to the nation his ideas to save the country from rack and ruin.

Many on the loony left are calling for us all to boycott the programme which is on at 8.15pm (same time as PlV). I'm not quite sure what logic they are using for this. How can you criticise a set of ideas if you refuse to listen to them in the first place? They really are very stupid and, themselves, barely worth listening to, so I will not boycott the programme.

I may choose not to watch it, but then I like Sarko so he'll be preaching to the converted. I can also read a summary of it all in Figaro tomorrow instead of sitting through 90mins of policitican-speak. Thus leaving me free to see whether Bruno, making a run for it, gets gunned down by his racketeer uncle and dies in the arms of his lover Thomas (PlV = media trendy lefty series par excellence...).

I highly disapprove of the left at the moment in France. They seem incapable of accepting that they LOST the last election. This is especially true of Sego Royale, the loser, who cannot, either, accept that she lost the election to be big boss of the PS (Partie Socialiste). Their playground antics are a terribly poor show by those who would be in power and lead the nation, God forbid.

Personally, in hard times, I think the nation should rally behind the one(s) in charge and do their best to support the decisions made, as long as those decisions are based on proper consultation. Sabotaging all efforts to make reforms and find solutions to problems will not resolve the crisis any quicker. On the contrary, the nation will just sink even faster even deeper. And when we're on our knees outside under 10cm of snow, the left will still be quibbling about petty internal party issues and calling for poor Bernard Kouchner's head.

Who on earth votes left?

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