Wednesday, December 09, 2009

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Well it looks like I've done just about all of my Christmas shopping. Apart from the pressies I bought in town on Friday, it's all been done on the internet, thank God for Amazon!

Le Figaro had a survey on how many people were doing their Christmas shopping on the internet. I can't find it now to link to, but when I looked, it was 49% no, 51% yes (or the other way round...). (Or was that another survey - difficult when the search engine is crap...)

According to La Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance (Fevad), however, 70% of French internautes were intending to do their shopping on the internet. When asked what they intended to buy, 'produits culturels' (books?) came top with 82%, then games/toys at 68%, and high tech at 64%.

When asked why they shop online, they said it was because prices are lower than in the shops (65%), then came practicality (64%) and rapidity (54%).

I'm spending Christmas in the UK this year, so I've spent most money on sites like so the items can be sent to where I'll be - there's no point lugging stuff over and back. I take things like wine boxes and come back with pressies. Works for me!

The pound is pretty low at the moment too, so it makes sense to buy in the UK with Euros. For example, one Xbox game I saw on costs 55Eur, but the same game on cost £36.99 which is just over 40Eur. Guess which one I bought.
So I can be included in the folk who are spending 5billion Euros online this Christmas, although hardly any of what I'm spending is going back into the French economy. Oops... Hey, I made up for it by going shopping in town so am guilt-free.

There was another survey in Le Figaro asking whether readers had an ecological reflex when buying pressies. I must say, I gave no thought at all to 'durable et propre' considerations. It's hard enough finding inspiration as it is without being hampered further. I mean, what do they mean - durable et propre? I'm taking the train to the UK - that's my lot of carbon footprint observation. Oh, and by buying them there, they are not being sent by airmail and are thus not incurring mega carbon footprints.

Phew, my conscience is clear...²

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  1. Noel, Noel, Noel...

    Would do it that way too if I could...abd will do when I can

    As well as the financial advantages - you are also saved from the maddening crowd, and the tons of decorations everywhere which give me a heavy heart!


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