Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Had My Filling

You know how there's a certain point at which you become heartily sick of the medical profession? Well, I've reached it.

Last week I was sick and saw the doc, and also the dentist who'd I'd forgotten about but who kindly got his secretary to ring me up on my bed of nausea to remind me. At vast expense, natch. Have dentist prices gone up recently? I don't remember paying 60€ for a scrub and brush up. My eldest also got one.

I saw the doc who prescribed ineffective rubbish. Maybe he thought I was faking it, but just in case, sent me for a scan (are you pregnant, mummy? asked my eldest. Certainly not, said I, not at my age). I had it last night, having starved all day because you have to be nil by mouth for a billion hours beforehand, and I felt all light-headed and inept on the road. More vast expense and all to tell me I had nothing serious wrong, just food poisoning, and he did a general look around while he was down there.

Back to the doc today, more medication, hopefully more effective this time - some sort of disinfectant, I believe. Then being all bodily frail an' all, I've gone and caught a cold and can scarcely breathe.

Then back to the dentist for more scrubbing plus filling repairs. I sat there with a blue rubber sterile thing over mouth and nose, dying to sneeze and trying to sniff, after he'd poked a nasty needle into my tender gums saying things like, don't forget to breathe now. Ha, some chance!

Then I had to go back yet again with my youngest for his check-up. He got some sort of a varnish put on his adult teeth to protect them. I thought that pretty nifty. It reminded me of sessions having fluoride squirted into moulds and forced over my teeth when young. I'm not sure how effective it was, however, as I still had to have fillings.

Anyway, more vast expense - nearly 200€ and I've had it. No more! I can't take any more medical stuff, I've reached that point where enough is enough. No one had better fall ill in the next week or so because I'm having nothing more to do with any sort of doctor for some time to come. So tough!

* * *

I had a passing thought the other day, watching the Olympics. Seeing as the world will be Muslim within a few decades, and that the Taliban, for example, believe that women are good only in the home or under ground, dead, I doubt there'll be any female skiers by then. In fact, were there any devout Muslim female skiers at the Games?

I will actually be dead, hopefully, doctors or no doctors (male), so it'll be SEP (someone else's problem). Good luck with that one!


  1. That sounds like one hell of a week.
    I hope it clears up though.
    Sounds stupid, but can you face yogurt? That seems to help sometimes.

  2. Thanks fly. I'll buy some yoghurt today if I can get out in all the rain.

  3. "Fly in the web", huh? I just learned yesterday that "fly" is Marseilles argot for pastis. PTDR.


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