Monday, March 08, 2010

Snows of March

Freak weather caused snow in the South of France in March today. The last time it snowed with anything like the same vigour was in 1993.

I live on a steep slope so am easily marooned by snow, black ice and other severe conditions. Happily work rang to say we were all to stay at home, and as I couldn't get the car out onto the 20cm snow, I couldn't take my eldest to school (which was probably shut anyway) so they both had an extra weekend day.

This morning we got out the sledge and went whooping down the slope, and chucked snowballs about. I was trying to aim at the boys, but I'm a hopeless shot so they didn't have much to fear.

Out on the main road, pine trees were suffering under the weight of snow, and some, which had been leaning dramatically as it was, just split down onto the road and had to be cut back. Luckily, away from parked cars.

It started last night after we came back from a sunny but nippy day at a mountain bike competition near Montagnac. The boys had been racing about the Base de Bessilles which is a lovely spot with much to interest walkers and mountain bikers, and those who just want to hang out near a lake and chuck a steak on a communal barbecue. Later in the year...

I was exhausted as I'd been having a jolly time with me mates until 2am and had had to get up at 7am to make sarnies, put the bikes on the car rack, and ensure we were all present and correct. It started off sunny but with a nippy wind. Inside the car was lovely and warm and, after standng about freezing during the trial bike stage I couldn't resist a snooze after lunch while the boys went off to check the course. Maternal duty kicked in after a bit fortunately, and I managed to wake up in time to see my two race in their different age groups.

It was nearing 6pm when we got home and the odd flake-like white stuff was flying about but was far from being what you'd call a snow storm. That came on around 8pm and by 9 it was lying thick and fast. It's been a funny old winter for weather, but I think we've now had enough, and are ready for Spring. My daffodils and tulip green tips certainly are.


  1. looks like you could have had fun! I moved a week ago last Friday. That was the fourth major snowstorm of the winter (we normally average 1), and we're over 80 inches (not cm!) of snow for the winter! My move took four days instead of two, 'cos of not being able to see more than 6 feet in front of me while driving!

  2. Gosh Mike, that sounds a difficult move.

    What with snow, earthquakes and flooding, it's been a hell of a winter for many this year!


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